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Hire me as a part-time test engineer

My thesis

Strategy and execution

Most freelancers offer either strategic assistance (analyzing software, testing strategies, and providing recommendations) or execution support (developing provided test cases).

In my experience as a client, in an early-stage startup, you’re usually looking for both. You need someone with enough strategic and execution experience to lay out a plan, but you also need to get shit done.

Hiring a consultant who focuses solely on strategy won’t be helpful because you lack the resources and time to execute it.

On the other hand, if you hire a contributor who cannot make systematic strategic decisions, it won’t be efficient either. Early-stage development involves iterative development and testing cycles. If an expert’s work does not yield results, you will have to find another expert, which leads to wasted time and money.

What I can help you with

I can help with various aspects of software testing, including:

However, I approach problem-solving with a solution-oriented mindset rather than focusing on specific topics. My main goal is to help you achieve your objectives and enhance development safety.

I will identify and prioritize quick wins within your company, execute them, measure their impact, and iterate accordingly.

For any topics that I may not be fully familiar with, I am willing to invest a few days to deeply understand them, aiming for an 80% understanding before proceeding with execution.

In early-stage startups, the ability to learn quickly is more valuable than expertise.